Dolce Vita Kids Collection


Quality Polyamide Yarn Carcinogenic No Matter Children Carpet 
Size             100x150 cm  |   133x190 cm 
Yarn Type :    100% Polyamide Yarn

Product Features
- Dot is the base 
- contains no dyes carcinogenic substances used 
- Asthma is convenient to use because patients antiallergic properties 
- Non-slip and gel base 
- Pile does not remove 
- Stain and dust repellent are available 
- four seasons are suitable for use 
- Does not Smell 
- Easy to clean 
- fading color and distortions 
- It does not produce dust in the area it is used in 
- Antistatic 
- Licensed fabric printing - 
Do not wash in washing machine 
- Our carpets are manufactured in high-tech machines.

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