Dolce Vita Queen Collection

Queen Collection

Dolce Vita Queen

Our Queen collection is made of tencel yarn

Discover our many carpets with Tencel feature below!

Tencel Yarn


You have the possibility to browse through around 1600 unique carpets in different categories, styles and sizes. The wide selection ranges from nomadic, classic to modern carpets and the most exclusive silk-carpets in a million-knot class. This offers you a product range not to be found anywhere else. DOLCE VITA RUG assortment contains only hand made quality carpets.

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"Queen" of our house

Tencel has herbal origins; It is made from paper pulp and then converted into fabric.
Tencel and versatility are the best carpets in the world. Durability and moisture absorption is a practical choice for laying.
Tencel fibers are also outstanding with outstanding dye affinities. It is an authentic silky softness.
Mixing Tencel with other textures such as wool, cotton or linen. Without getting away from the carpet, Tencelefuls' comfortable shine adds a tasteful taste to our carpets. Discover our many carpets with Tencel feature below!

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