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Dolce Vita Carpet Vogue 8104 Gray Bamboo Carpet

Dolce Vita Carpet Vogue 8104 Gray Bamboo Carpet

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Dolce Vita Rug Vogue 8104 GRAY

Points per m2 2.000.000
Thickness approx 7.5 mm
Origin Turkey
Pile Viscon Bamboo 
Warp Cotton
Manufacturing Machine knotted



Produced from natural fibers and handmade using the weaving technique with a density of 2.000.000 points, Vogue will reflect the magnificence of wealth to your home.

These carpets are created through a unique partnerhsip between man and machine.

Everything from the washing to the finishing of the carpet is meticulously carried out by hand in order to ensure the highest possible quality standard. The use of machines is restricted and is only used for tying the carpets together, meaning that each carpet remains a genuine and authentic work of art.

An innovative way of reviving traditional Antep carpet-making skills in today's society.


These transitional styled carpets are made using bamboo silk, which not only makes them extremely durable and soft to walk on, but also provides a lustruous sheen that brings them to life.

These carpets are the perfect complement to both the traditional and modern styled home.

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Size chart
Size Square Meter Feet
80x150 cm 1.2 Square Meter 2'7.87" x 4'11.05"
80x300 cm 2.4 Square Meter 2'7.87" x 9'10.11"
100x200 cm 2 Square Meter 3'3.37" x 6'6.74"
100x300 cm 3 Square Meter 3'11.42" x 9'10.11"
120x180 cm 2.16 Square Meter 3'11.42" x 5'10.87"
160x230 cm 4 Square Meter 5'3.86" x 7'6.61"
200x290 cm 6 Metre Kare 6'6.74" x 9'6.28"
240x320 cm 8 Square Meter 7'10.50" x 10'5.93"
300x400 cm 12 Square Meter 9'10.11" x 13'1.10"

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