Dolce Vita Rug Sentosa 5906 Dark Grey Round Living Room Carpet

Dolce Vita Rug Sentosa 5906 Dark Grey Round Living Room Carpet

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Production Type: Machine Made Carpet

Yarn Type: Acrylic

Pile Height: 9 mm

Sole Ecru Cotton Sole

Add a touch of luxury and comfort to your living room with the Dolce Vita Rug Living Room Carpet. Experience the softness and warmth as you sink your feet into this high-quality carpet. Perfect for both modern and traditional decor, this rug will elevate the look of your space.


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Size chart
Size Square Meter Feet
80x150 cm 1.2 Square Meter 2'7.87" x 4'11.05"
80x300 cm 2.4 Square Meter 2'7.87" x 9'10.11"
100x200 cm 2 Square Meter 3'3.37" x 6'6.74"
100x300 cm 3 Square Meter 3'11.42" x 9'10.11"
120x180 cm 2.16 Square Meter 3'11.42" x 5'10.87"
160x230 cm 4 Square Meter 5'3.86" x 7'6.61"
200x290 cm 6 Metre Kare 6'6.74" x 9'6.28"
240x320 cm 8 Square Meter 7'10.50" x 10'5.93"
300x400 cm 12 Square Meter 9'10.11" x 13'1.10"

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