Dolce Vita Rug Sumatra 351 Master Mix Round Bohem Rug

Dolce Vita Rug Sumatra 351 Master Mix Round Bohem Rug

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Sumatra Series 17 mm Pile height, which is self-fringed with its Pile and Dustproof Feature, provides elegance and convenience with its soft texture and lightness!
Production Type: Machine Made Carpet
Yarn Type: Polyester - 100% Lint and Dust Free
Pile Height: 17 mm
Base: Cotton Sole
Transform your home into a stylish and hassle-free oasis with the Sumatra 355 Bone Bohemian Rug. With its unique self-fringing feature and soft 17 mm pile, this machine-woven polyester rug not only adds a touch of bohemian charm but also prevents dust accumulation. Easy to maintain and crafted with precision, it's the perfect addition to elevate your living space.

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Size chart
Size Square Meter Feet
80x150 cm 1.2 Square Meter 2'7.87" x 4'11.05"
80x300 cm 2.4 Square Meter 2'7.87" x 9'10.11"
100x200 cm 2 Square Meter 3'3.37" x 6'6.74"
100x300 cm 3 Square Meter 3'11.42" x 9'10.11"
120x180 cm 2.16 Square Meter 3'11.42" x 5'10.87"
160x230 cm 4 Square Meter 5'3.86" x 7'6.61"
200x290 cm 6 Metre Kare 6'6.74" x 9'6.28"
240x320 cm 8 Square Meter 7'10.50" x 10'5.93"
300x400 cm 12 Square Meter 9'10.11" x 13'1.10"

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